The Two Sisters Visit Puerto Rico (part three)

Caguas is a town that is familiar to those that have visited Puerto Rico. It’s not as large as San Juan but large enough to lure visitors away from the crowds of Puerto Rico’s capitol city to something homier. Caguas has the benefits of space to do a lot of walking and chance talks with locals who are adept at English. A beautiful statue erected by the locals of Christopher Columbus greets you at one of the entrances to the mini metropolis. Caguas is also the town directly bordering San Lorenzo to its northwest. You get to Caguas, you get to San Lorenzo shortly thereafter.

As you drive through it, the melding of the old and he new becomes apparent. The newer metal poles are seen replacing the older wooden ones. The old wooden poles got severely beat up.20171226_094110As Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran learned, there comes a point when you meet up with a Sugar Ray Leonard of nature’s making and you have no choice but to say “No mas!” Thus it is up to the newer, stronger metal poles to try and withstand the increasingly difficult tropical elements. Perhaps, they and the islanders will be given a reprieve for a few seasons. Perhaps not. It will be up to Juracan to decide.885289408

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