Trumpeters behaving badly

The following is a story from the early 2000s where I revealed a prank I pulled on one of my favorite targets, our then-rookie member of the section, Charles (Chuck) Lazarus. I'm leaving the narrative in the same time I wrote it almost 14 years ago. Enjoy. ****************************************************** 12 Jan 2004 23:26      Okay, kids...grab …

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He was proud of me. One of my favorite teachers was proud of me.

I was already gone and basically ran to the front of the stage and saw a bald man with greying hair standing with a group of folks. I literally jumped off the stage and hugged him, my eyes stinging, us asking each other how we were doing and him closing the brief chat telling me how proud he was of me and the work I had done since I last saw him when I was a boy.