My Thanksgiving Joke

I had a friend who subbed with the MO for the last few years named Moishe.

From his name you can infer correctly that he is Jewish. Well, was Jewish. For reasons that weren’t completely clear to me he decided, after a lot of consideration, that he was converting…

… to Islam.

I said to him frankly that probably doesn’t happen a lot. He agreed but said he felt strongly about it and was moving to Texas to join a Muslim congregation where there were a lot of recently converted Jews. I wished him well.

He recently wrote me and relayed the story that after being welcomed by the congregation he was asked to lead a prayer when he became comfortable. He asked the Imam if he would coach him beforehand.

Curious, the Imam asked why. Moishe confessed that he knew his prayers but had this bad habit of leaving out the name “Allah”. The Imam consented and found it was true, Moishe would forget that rather important part of their prayers. He kept working with him.

Finally, the moment came and Moishe was asked to step up and lead the prayer but the Imam whispered something in his ear and the subsequent prayer was flawless.

When he was asked after the service what the Imam whispered, he replied, “He just told me what Texans have been saying for years: ‘Remember the Allah, Mo.”

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